The Rock, The Road, And The Rabbi – Book Review

Kathy Lee Gifford  takes you on a trip to Israel in this fantastic book called the Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi. It’s almost as if you were there walking right beside her.

Have you ever read stories in the Bible and wondered if there was some spiritual significance about the stories that you were missing out on? When Jesus died on the cross, did you ever wonder what some of that symbology meant? Why a cross? Why a crown of thorns? Sure we have heard some of the basic answers, but somehow those aren’t fulfilling enough.

With the help of insights from Rabbi Jason Sobel, Kathie paints a picture of her time spent touring Israel and Rabbi Jason fills in some of the heavenly narrative behind the stories of the Old and New Testament and the why behind Jesus’ actions.

Everything Jesus did in the Bible had a deeper meaning. It wasn’t a fluke when he turned water into wine as his first miracle. It was a nod to the first miracle Moses performed in the Old Testament of turning the Nile into blood. Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem? Was it just because the prophets of old decried it? Not at all! There was a spiritual significance to Jesus being offered up as a lamb and being born in the town known for raising up the sacrificial lambs for the offerings.

After I read this book I was blown away by the deeper and more significant meanings of so many stories in the Bible. Even more intriguing was Kathie’s ability to paint a vivid picture of  the stories to make it feel as if you were there.

This book was an easy read and right from the beginning it draws you in. Every page was a new revelation of Jesus and the relationship we Christians have to the Hebrew culture. This book really highlights the fact that God is in the details and everything we read in the Bible has greater meaning than we realize. This is an incredible book to encourage your own faith as well as those around you. Halfway through reading the Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi I hopped on and purchased a copy to send to my mom and another for my friend.

I highly recommend it!

5/5 stars.

This is the best price I’ve found on Amazon. The book is listed for just under $11. It’s worth every penny.

Disclaimer: I receive a small portion of proceeds when you purchase this book from the link above.


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