Wasted Stewardship


The Wisdom of Wasted Stewardship.

Proverbs 4:7 The beginning of all wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it costs all you have, get understanding.

The beginning of wisdom is….getting wisdom. Where do you start? You start somewhere. Anywhere you can. Ask questions, read a book, observe a matter and weigh it out for yourself.

This verse just reminds me that God rewards stewardship. Little things yield to bigger things. Start small with wisdom where you can. Steward it. Be intentional with it and it will grow. That just seems so simple and practical to me.

God doesn’t waste anything. God is not wasteful. It’s insulting to Him and His creation to be wasteful. It says He works all things together for His good, so even the ‘negatives’ in life are still working for good. That is to say, it’s not wasted! God does not waste anything. Sorry, it just bears repeating. It’s also important to note He didn’t waste anything when He created you. God does not waste.

Now how are stewardship and wastefulness connected? Great question.

Just as we can be expected to steward wisdom well, we should also consider how we’re stewarding wastefulness. We should increase our ability to not be wasteful. Even if it seems simple like bringing in your own bags to the grocery store, it’s stewardship of wastefulness.

When it comes to gas and saving $0.10 on a gallon. It might seem trivial, but over the course of a month you might have saved $5 to $10 bucks by having stewarded your time and money and purchasing the lesser gas price. Over a year that’s $50 to $100 that wasn’t spent. That’s money you stewarded well and can now be spent elsewhere blessing others……

See where this is going? Sometimes the stewardship is in the money not spent, or the money saved. If you can steward the little things like that, God can bless you with wisdom to steward the greater things. Yes there’s grace for certain areas, because we aren’t going to get it right 100% of the time, but we should be mindful and do the best we can with what we do have. To the best of our ability we should steward and be more mindful of what we are wasting and how we can improve upon it.

I’m not trying to get super picky and say we have to steward every single thing and we can’t have this or that, but it’s worth considering areas of our lives where we could improve upon and better steward our resources. That’s all it is. A simple observation and application of wisdom, understanding, and stewardship. All things that God values and honors in us. If we are faithful with the little things though, it creates room for the bigger things. So it’s worth the investment.

Here’s my prayer:

God, teach me to be a better steward of my time, resources, money, waste, etc. Please help me to maximize all I put my hands to. Bless my time and resources. Make me more mindful of areas I’ve been wasteful and help me to better steward my resources in those situations. Forgive me for the areas where I’ve missed the mark. Increase my wisdom and understanding to better handle those situations. Thank you, Amen.

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