Proverbs 31 Woman

Timing wise I felt I was supposed to venture into Proverbs 31 today. I spent the majority of April reading the corresponding date and Proverb together throughout the month. Today would have been Proverbs 31 and I felt led to close it out by completing the chapter.

I love Proverbs 31. I’ve read it a few times. I know what it’s about. It has a beautiful imagery for describing a wife every man in this world desires to have as a life partner. After God, there is no better partner in this world I would want to journey through life with than a Proverbs 31 kind of wife. She is magnificent.

While reading Proverbs 31 today, this time around I felt led to craft my own prayer for my future wife. A prayer that I could pray over her now, but also one that I could pray over her long after our first date or our wedding day together. A prayer I would commit to memory from having read it every day and praying it over my wife so often. A prayer that would treasure her, speak life over her, and bless here even as I pray it long after we’ve been married. A prayer I would be proud to share with my future sons so that they could pray it for their wives one day. That kind of prayer moves mountains.

So as I begin the journey of crafting such a prayer, (the Bible has lots to say on marriage and relationships so I expect this will be part of a growing and changing season of understanding beyond Proverbs 31), I invite you other men to take this prayer and craft it into your own prayer for your future wife as well.

Here’s the prayer I have so far…


I thank you for my beautiful and noble wife. She is worth more than precious gems. Thank you for the confidence I have in her because she truly lacks no good thing. Thank you for the good she always brings me. Every day, her presence alone is good to me. She is lovely and precious to me. 

Thank you that she is intelligent and makes good purchases. Thank you for the quality of work she provides with her hands. Bless her hands in all she does Lord. Thank you God that she is like a merchant ship that brings good food from afar. She is full of treasure, delights, and joy. 

May I be one who sees every treasure in her and speaks life and encouragement over her. 

Thank you that she is a hard worker and rises early to help provide for our family and for others. Bless her with provision and abundant energy and health. Thank you for her ability to discern and make wise decisions. She is a smart buyer. She makes good purchases and investments that benefit our family. She is a wise investor with eyes for increase and profitability.  Give her strength today and every day as she works diligently. Bless her with energy and confidence. Bless the investments she makes today and I pray that they would return a profit tomorrow. 

Thank you for her generous and loving heart. Thank you that she is tenderhearted towards those in need. Bless her as she blesses others. Thank you for her vision to prepare for this season and the next. Thank you that we are free from fear or anxiety because our family is well provided for. Thank you that my wife is covered in beautiful linens. May she truly know how beautiful she is. 

Thank you that she is a blessing and an honor to our family name, character, and reputation. Thank you for her wisdom in business and finances. Bless her dealings. Thank you for the joy she carries for today and the future. Continue to give her eyes of hope for the future. Thank you for her wisdom and heart to serve you Lord. Thank you that she is a fine woman of Godly character. Thank you that our children are blessed and that they respect the authority of our household. 

May I be a husband worthy of such a beautiful and treasured wife. Thank you that you have blessed me with such a wonderful treasure. Help me to honor, respect, encourage, love, and delight in all the beauty my wife possesses.  May I not overlook how wonderfully you have made her Lord. Help me to honor her in the way she deserves as a beautiful daughter of yours God. Thank you for our journey together. Bless our walk together. I pray all these things in Jesus’ mighty and precious name. 


I love that prayer so far! There’s plenty more to add, but for now that’s a good place to start. I believe in the power of speaking life and truth and the power of prayer, so spending five minutes a day praying this prayer and speaking it over my future wife would be well worth the investment.

The Bible has many great things to say about women, and us men would do good to learn a thing or two regarding the high value women have in the Kingdom of God. They are powerful! God places a lot of love and beauty in the women He created. We should learn to better honor and respect that value. Proverbs 31 today totally rocked my world in a way that I have never seen before. I am so excited to spend some time meditating on and praying this prayer in the days ahead. I can’t wait to see what God does with this.

Feel free to share this prayer or revise it to your own liking. I will continue to pray over it and see where God leads me.

Thanks for reading. I welcome your thoughts and comments.


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