Your Mind Is A Gold Mine.


Your Mind Is A Gold Mind.

I’m sitting here at Barnes and Noble taking the in the smell of freshly roasted coffee and paper pages. I look up and see the magazine rack next to me. Two of the magazines titles stand out. If this were a prophetic word, what would they mean?  I ask myself.

The first title is Writers Yearbook 2018 subtitled The Year In Publishing Lately I’ve been working on my book so this one really speaks to me. I’ve had doubts as to whether there is any purpose to me trying to write a book. I know nothing about writing a book but I want to share my story because I feel like it could make a difference. I’m pretty sure I have awful sentence structure and break every rule of what not to do while writing, so I’m a little hesitant with believing in my capabilities to write a book.

Lately though I’ve felt God share two thoughts with me regarding writing. The first one being – it doesn’t cost anything to be creative. While that’s not entirely true, it does take time, being creative is something I’m good at. I function as a creative thinker and it’s a great challenge to grow in continually thinking creatively. That’s why I’ve been practicing the exercise of asking myself If this were a prophetic word what would it mean? It forces me to think of a creative answer. Usually it ends up encouraging me and it also helps bridge the gap of seeing heaven on earth. I truly believe God speaks to us if we are willing to look for it and hear it.

The second word I’ve been hearing from God lately is “Your mind is a goldmine. Mine your mind.” Which sounds funny at first, but the truth of the matter is there’s a lot of riches and wisdom in our minds that go untapped. I like the idea of digging in and processing thoughts and seeing where that takes me. George Washington Carver was attributed with  having come up with hundred of uses for peanuts, and that stemmed from his asking God to reveal the secrets to him. Not in a mystical way, but in a communication kind of way. We are made in God’s image. He is a creative God, and we are creative beings. He speaks to us creatively if we ask.

The second magazine on the rack was titled New Cars – Reliability Ratings. I currently drive a vehicle that is 29 years old. I could register it as historic vehicle this year I think. I appreciate that I have a vehicle, but it isn’t the best on gas mileage and you kind of just trust that it will run until one day it might stop running. I’ve been praying and believing for a new vehicle. I currently am not in a financial position to purchase one, and I really felt like God has something special in store for me. I can’t explain why, but between me and Him I felt like He has the car situation covered. I’m praying and believing for a miracle. So seeing the word New Cars excites me and speaks to that desire in my heart. Reliability Ratings reminds me that God is reliable and has a 100% reliability rating. He has never let me down, He’s never abandoned me or forsaken me. Psalm 116:3   comes to mind The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Now I’m not trying to be materialistic or ungrateful for the things I have. I truly am blessed. These are just areas where I am believing and praying for Gods hand to move. So the car magazine was encouraging.


Take a look around you. Do you see anything in your immediate surroundings that speaks to you? Something that stands out? Ask yourself, if this were a “sign” what would it mean? Maybe its a quote on a wall, maybe there’s an object that reminds you of a past memory nearby, maybe there’s a song playing in the background that speaks to you. If you could give yourself a word of encouragement based off of what you currently are seeing, feeling, hearing, what would it be?


As always, comments are welcome. I’d love to hear what you come up with.



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