Highly Successful People

There’s a lot of things highly successful people do that make them so successful. Probably they don’t even think about it, they just do it because it works. If I were a highly successful person, I would probably spend more time writing these blog posts and commit to getting them uploaded. But I liken myself to rather being moderately successful and improving. We all have areas we can grow right!?

This past month I have been praying about what to be doing work wise. I had moved back to Cleveland and was debating on whether I should plant some business roots here or maintain my freelance mobile kind of lifestyle. I had felt that God was leading me to have some more traveling adventures and posting up in CLE was not a long term solution. Of course, when you think you hear from God you’re never always 100 percent sure so you put a few business feelers out there anyway, right? Just me? Ok.

I didn’t commit to buying an apartment, I didn’t commit to a long term 12 month rental contract with a camera company that I love borrowing gear from. But I did send out about 15 e-mails to churches in the immediate area offering to do some volunteer video work for their church website or ministry. Because after all I am in the business of sowing seeds. Out of those 15 churches I reached out to, not one of them replied back showing interest.  Awesome. Sometimes I have a hard time settling down and just accepting that I shouldn’t be doing anything. I’m 26, I live in my parents basement, and I think perhaps my life should look different so I need to be out there doing more. I reached out to a few businesses, thinking to myself that maybe I need to kickstart my business by doing a few small commercial projects. I’ll be honest guys, I just want to film something and get paid for it if I can, or at least bless something that God is doing. Those are my two operative goals. Neither of them were occurring.

About a week or so after I got back from NC though, Jen asked me if I could come back down and do some more filming. She had quite a few unexpected speaking engagements coming up and thought it would be a great opportunity to get my face and my work in front of some people her non-profit was working with. Gas and food was covered, I just needed to show up. Finally something to do!

I’ve been down here for the past week now. I’ve had the opportunity to meet quite a few  ministry partners that have their own projects going on. Some of them I’ve handed out business cards with and some of them showed interest in seeing how video could work for their ministry as well. My biggest takeaway was that if God wants you to do something or work for Him, He will put you in the right place at the right time to meet these people. I felt that God was really opening up some doors and since there’s not much for me to do in Cleveland, I might be considering a seasonal move to North Carolina to serve some ministries down here. Which is what I wanted to do all along. I just want to take my camera and serve. I want to highlight what missions and things that people are doing. I want to bless others businesses and highlight the work that they are doing for God.

I’m glad some new things are in motion and I’m happy that I feel the hand of God setting up the pieces more so than me trying to fit the square into the round hole kind of situation. So in the days ahead I will be going back to Cleveland to wrap up a speaking engagement and a few other things and then I will prayerfully consider moving down to NC for a few weeks. I have a place to stay at a host family and again all I need to do is show up.




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