Well I landed at RDU last night around 11:00. Blizzard conditions were…nonexistent.

Everyone was preparing for a big snowstorm, I’m sure it was happening somewhere in NC but it wasn’t happening at all anywhere from Raleigh to Wilmington (Spelling?).

For me that was totally fine, I don’t need more cold weather. But I was glad that there weren’t any issues traveling and thankful that it worked out well. Today we aren’t really doing much, but tomorrow I will start filming Jen speaking at some engagements at churches. She has quite a busy schedule when she is in town because her non-profit is always running.  I’m excited to see what unfolds and hopefully get some good footage.

I was dealing with some fear and anxiety yesterday before flying out. I was thinking, I’m not prepared for this and I was starting to let fear get to me. I had to shake that off and remind myself that it’s just about taking steps and letting God handle it. Thankfully that feeling is gone now. I may have had a few worries about our airplane skidding off the runway due to the blizzard, but luckily that never happened. So here we are and i’ll keep you updated.

Safe travels everyone.




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