Skipping ahead

Okay, so everybody works and everyone has a job that is stressful. I’m not gonna write a blog post about how hard my job is because in reality it is nothing compared to what other people go through. The last month is just a culmination of work stress, financial worries, and looking forward to Africa happening.

I had to do quite a bit of preparation for Africa. You have to get shots for traveling internationally. In Africa they worry about things like Malaria and Yellow fever and Hep C or A?  Either way, that stuff is not cheap. I’m excited to go and grateful for the blessing but sometimes I’m like dang this is pricey. Overall though I recognize that not everyone gets to go to Africa so the chance to do so is exciting and well worth it.

Beyond all that, I will be taking my drone to Africa to fly. When I first bought my drone in February I was excited because I thought of all the cool ways I could use it. I quickly realized you needed to have a special pilots license in order to fly commercially and make a profit. Something that was not financially feasible for most drone operators. I quickly realized my drone was now a very expensive paperweight. I practiced with it anyway in hopes that I might get the chance to fly it or use it in the future for something. And here we are months down the road and now I have that opportunity. Not only do I get to fly my drone, but I get to fly it in AFRICA! That’s awesome. God has a cool way of redeeming things.

As I am preparing for the trip, I am grateful for the job and the opportunity to work in NYC and also realizing that as fun as it was, NYC is not a place I would want to live. I think it’s great for those who like it, but I’ve never felt drawn to it enough to love it the way others do and thats fine by me.

At this point I’m still trying to figure out my life and where God is sending me. So I plan to stay mobile for now and just go where the doors open up.

It’s a little surreal that my job was just a block and a half away from Times Square.
Taking a tour of NYC and seeing the sights. 

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