The next adventure begins.

Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.

– Benjamin Franklin



I started a new journal on October 18th 2016. Every time a finish  journal and begin a new one I feel it coincides with a new adventure that God is doing. Every Journal seems to be it’s own chapter/adventure.

After I was got my out date for working in NY, I was spending time praying and asking God what would be next on the horizon. I wasn’t sure where I was going next or what I would be doing so I just wrote it down and reminded myself of all the ways God had fulfilled His promises to me this year. From WKYC to working in PA and then NY, I had been on a whirlwind of an adventure and God wasn’t going to leave me hanging.

Sure enough, a few days afterwards I received a phone call from someone I had never met. We had a mutual friend in common from the 7M Gen camp I filmed at and they had recommended me for an upcoming job. That job was a trip to Africa to film Heidi Baker and her orphanage in Mozambique. It wasn’t set in stone yet, and all the finances weren’t in place, but if everything came together we would likely be leaving mid-November. Just a few days after my time finished in NYC.

As the final weeks of work began winding down, the stress of meeting deadlines and getting the producers every location they wanted was building up a lot of anxiety. Having that trip to Africa on the horizon helped me keep my head up and looking forward to the days ahead.

Taking the subway to work!
One of the few touristy things I did in NY was ride the ferry around see the sights.
There is a ton of gorgeous wall art in NYC. I LOVE IT!


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