Hey it’s been a month since I last posted. Life gets busy! I am still in NYC rocking out in the van. The weather is cooling off a little bit which is great because it means less electricity needed to run a fan at night. I did install a solar panel on the van just in case. That was an adventure. I really had no idea what I was doing and there is nothing scarier than drilling a hole into the roof of your mobile abode and unsure of what you will find underneath. So far though it worked and I don’t have any leaks as of yet.

I recently got my first parking ticket in NY! Most people wouldn’t be excited about that, but I suppose it truly makes you a New Yorker if you get a parking ticket in the city. It’s kind of a thing. The best part is, I might have a shot at getting it thrown out because the traffic cop person filled it out incorrectly. So needless to say I am hopeful, and if it goes well then I will be a happy camper. Literally.

In an attempt to force myself to write more stand up comedy material I signed myself up for a comedy show in NYC and told the booking agent I could put together ten minutes of material. So I have to get writing! Luckily it’s not till November but still I need to come up with another five minutes minimum.

I’ll keep you updated. I’ll try to get back on here and write another post. I’m still sitting at Starbucks most nights. I enjoy the “quiet time”. I haven’t spent this much time alone in a while, but I think it’s good for me. I am such a people person that it can be hard for me to enjoy being alone. But I think that as I am at a place with God right now where I can seek Him and read and write and just search, it really helps me let go of that need to be around people 24/7.

I feel…grounded.

Anyway, have a great day everyone!!!!!

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