Out of Order

When I tell people I live in a van, overall there is an overwhelming majority of  someone being impressed and or finding it interesting and something they wish they could do. Every once in a while though you will meet people who don’t get it, nor do they understand why you would do it. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen.

The thing about living in a van is that it’s unconventional, and it works for me. It creates an opportunity for me to share what I do, and talk about how God has blessed me and opened up some incredible doors for me. It’s my way of walking out in faith and seeing what God can do, and I have grown a lot from the experience and will continue to do so. It’s not a forever thing, it’s a season. But I truly believe that God has gifted me with a traveller’s spirit and my ministry is going to involve traveling. Maybe it will be in a big tour bus and it will be super comfortable and I can spend half the year on the road, and the other half at home with my family one day. I don’t know, I’m not there yet. But I wouldn’t trade my current experiences for the world. Bottom line is it’s awesome and I love it.

There are a couple verses I’ve been reading lately that have really stuck out to me. One of them being Matthew 10:41-42:

“Anyone who welcomes a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward. And anyone who welcomes a righteous person because he is a righteous person, will receive a righteous reward. And whoever gives just a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is a disciple, will never lose his reward.”

Anytime we go out of our way to help someone, we are putting ourselves in a position to receive a prophet’s reward, a righteous reward, and even securing that reward so that we never lose it.

Some people never think about stopping to help others, and they are the ones try missing out. I want to add another verse that I think compliments this one. In Mark 4:20  Jesus was explaining to his disciples the parable of the farmer who sows his seed on the good ground. 4:20 says

“The one sown on good ground are those who hear the word, welcome it, and produce a crop of 30, 60, 100 times what was sown..”

 Any business investor who could make 30, 60, or a 100 percent return on their investment would be chomping at the bit for that investment portfolio. I think these two verses really apply to where we sow our time and our money.

When I started this blog a year ago I didn’t have a lot of money. I tithed what I had, but I wanted to give more somehow. So I gave my time. I sowed into a friends urban ministry program. The video I shot for her has helped raise a few thousand dollars now for her ministry. That money has gone to help feed poor kids in a town I’ve only been to twice. That has allowed her ministry to share the blessings of Christ into families who may have never heard it otherwise. Now it would have happened wether I had a hand in it or not, that’s a fact. But  what it also did was it gave me the experience I needed to go on and shoot the next video project. And that project helped me get to the next project. And all that opportunity allowed me to be able to e-mail the 7m Gen Camp I wanted to go to and be apart of the team that not only helped serve campers, but I got to document the whole thing and shoot a  major video project. Who knows what that seed will return.

I’m not taking credit for any of that. I truly believe God has blessed me and opened up these opportunities. But my point is that a farmer never sows just one seed. He sows handfuls at a time. Sometimes farmers even sow seeds on top of seeds and mix the crops. That way when one crop grows and comes into harvest, a different crop can follow thereafter. So then he has a double harvest! The Native American Indians use to do this with corn,  beans, and squash (true story look it up) and it was called the three sisters crop.

So no matter how much or little money you have, you can always choose to make time. Spend that time sowing seeds into someone else, or into some ministry. You will receive a prophets reward, a righteous reward, and a promise that you’ll never lose that reward. Get to it!

That’s all for now. If you’d like to see the video’s I shot while at camp you can find them here on my webpage. And right below it you can see the first ministry video I shot called Homeland Urban Mission.




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