Sink or Swim

So there was not much time to transition into the position of Associate Producer on this new job. I had three days left in the workweek and then the following Monday we were flying out for the week to film the next episode.

Basically most of the work I would have been doing was already done by someone else. SO that was nice. But I did have to do some prep work and get the rundown of what all I would be doing. Something I hadn’t truly gotten an answer on yet. Basically I was in charge of getting the producer and the camera operator to the airport with all the camera equipment on time. Then making sure we got to our location safely and also on time. Once the shoot days were underway my job was to feed the crew at the right time, while also downloading and making copies of all the media that was shot on the cameras every day. I also had to keep track of all the receipts for purchases for accounting, turn the media everyday into mini videos for a transcriber to watch later, and also make sure the shoot stayed on schedule.  <—That all is a very laymen’s term of my job duties. Aside from my own personal video projects, I’ve never had to wear all those hats at the same time. For someone who likes things to be super organized and orderly, this would not be an ideal job. Luckily for me, I can handle chaos pretty well. My stress level was pretty low and my main goal for the week was making sure I didn’t look like a complete rookie. No one was supposed to know this was my first gig as an AP.

I made it through the week with no major hiccups. Thankfully it went smoothly. I enjoyed being able to see a part of the country I’d never seen before. I even saw my first cactus! Exciting stuff. The week came to a quick close, and I headed back to the NY with my producer and camera operator in tow. I was now two weeks successfully in the biz in NY. Up till that point I had only spent three nights in my van. On the weekend before the flight I had gone to my brother’s house upstate. He lived about an hour away and it was a good place and much needed spot to leave my van for the week while I was gone on the shoot.

Someone told me my blogs are too long. But this seems so short. I’m not sure I love these short blogs. But I will close this one out. One and a half weeks down in NY city and successful van living was under way!



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