Journal Entry Part 2

So a few days after I had my emotional break down at church… I received a call from my friend Marie. She told me that her boss would be calling me soon to interview me for the Associate Producer position, and that I should be prepared to answer the questions and throw out a few keywords. Sure, I thought to myself. I was a little nervous. I’ve done well with interviews before, but if we are being honest, I am by no means totally qualified to be interviewing for this position. The only reason I even had the interview was because my friend had gone to bat for me.

So I am working in Pennsylvania as a production assistant on this current show. I just had an emotional breakthrough of sorts at church earlier in the week, and now I am prepping myself for an interview for a position I should not be interviewing for. Scary right? That same day, I received an e-mail from the Lance Wallnou camp coordinator asking me if we could schedule a time to talk on the phone. I was able to set a time for later that day and while I was making a run to FedEx to drop off some hard drives that needed to be shipped, I was able to call the coordinator. Basically she wanted to know a little bit more about me because she was interested in possibly having me shoot video for the week at camp. I would say that we hit it off really well. I told her about what kind of work I do, where my passion really is in terms of ministry, and how much I was wanting to go to this camp and just capture the moments on camera. We had a great conversation and by the end of it we had determined that I would be coming to camp this year and they would fly me out for the week. I was so very very excited. And yet, it gets better.

I had gotten off the phone with the camp coordinator, and not even two minutes had passed before my friend from NY had texted me and said “you got the job, let’s talk details”

I called her back and asked “what happened to the interview?” Basically her boss was so busy that he didn’t have time to interview anyone for the position and told Mary that it was her call and whoever she picked would be fine with him. Talk about  a huge blessing. Mary told me that if I could be there on Wednesday, July 5th, then I got the job and I would fly out for the first gig the following week. My jaw hit the floor. No way was this happening right now. The best part was the pay scale was essentially double what I was currently making as a production assistant. Unbelievable. This was an incredible opportunity. I had been having a hard time meshing with the crew on my current job. But here was an opportunity to head out and make it work in NY. Of course I said yes without thinking about it. I had had my heart set on this for a month now and my only thought was “I could live in the van and make it work. Maybe something will open up by the time I get there.”

It very much felt like the beginnings of my time in PA. Unsure of where I would go, but sure that I was supposed to go there. The next thing I did was call my girlfriend to tell her the “good news”. I’ll be honest, I was dreading this call, but I also needed to tell her and let her know. I was taking this job and it was a big opportunity. Well as soon as the words left my mouth I was met with “I think we should break up.” Completely understandable. I knew this was coming, I knew this would be the straw that broke the camel’s back, but I also knew that this was a relationship that wasn’t going to work out and it needed to end. Part of me didn’t want to let it go that easily, but a larger part of me just knew it needed to happen. So it was a very bittersweet moment, but the job in NY essentially ended my relationship with my girlfriend. It happens. It needed to happen. It was bound to happen one way or another.

It was certainly a bittersweet moment. I was excited and completely sad at the same time. I just lost someone I had spent the last year and six months creating memories with. It was hard to let that go, but something inside me knew that it wasn’t the right place to be anyway.

Once the news of it all settled in, I had to let my current boss know that tomorrow was going to be my last day on set. Luckily in production, when you are the production assistant, even though you do a lot of work for everyone, you are also the most replaceable person on set. They can find another you in a minute. It’s a little harder when you’re out in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, but still, you are replaceable. I told my boss, they asked if I could wait a few days until they could secure someone, but it was Fourth of July weekend and I was planning to drive home and then heading straight to NY. I nodded my head and went along with it though. In my mind I figured that if God was going to set this opportunity up, He would also be able to get me out of this situation without burning some bridges. By the end of the workday on Thursday, the production company was able to find another production assistant for the following week and I was free to go. On Friday I said my goodbyes to the crew members and I headed home to see my mom and dad for some fireworks and bbq over the holiday weekend. I also spent that time prepping my van to go from semi off grid to full blown urban stealth mode. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and it took some rearranging, but I managed to pull it off in 3 days.

Now, just to recap, on Thursday before the fourth of July weekend, I had landed a chance to film at a camp I really wanted to go to, I got a job in NYC that I wasn’t qualified on paper get, let alone not even interviewing for it. And lastly the not so healthy relationship that I was in came to an abrupt but necessary close.  All three of those things literally happened within 15 minutes of each other. If you remember from my last blog, my journal entry was those exact three things, in that exact order. I’m not really a superstitious person, but I do believe that when God moves on something, He really moves all the way. I was so very excited by the outcome of all of it. And just like how I felt blessed before leaving for Pennsylvania, there was a part of me that felt overwhelmingly under prepared to make the move to live in my van in Brooklyn, NY. Talk about crazy. My constant reminder was telling myself that if God opens a door, he opens it all the way. I should also give some props to my mom. When I called her and told her I would be urban dwelling with the van in NYC, she didn’t even blink an eye. She and I prayed together a few times before the holiday weekend was over. I could tell she was a little stressed out about the decision, but not once did she try to talk me out of it. That’s a good support system to have.

I’ll end this here. In the next blog I’ll tell you about the first major setback that almost threw me off the whole trip.


Thanks for reading if you made it this far. 🙂

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