Wheels up.

Alright alright alright! So it’s May 3rd and I’m on the road to PA. I still don’t know where I am staying, but I was able to catch up with  an old friend from a few years ago named Jeremy and he came through like an answered prayer.

Here’s a little backstory on Jeremy first though. Three years ago I was working in Gettysburg, Pa at my family’s business. When I wasn’t working I was drinking at bars and shooting pool. One thing I love to do is shoot pool, because I’ve always been good at it. Once upon a time in Texas when I was interning for a theater company I was making a $100 a week plus housing. It was usually 80 hours of work most weeks, and there wasn’t much you could do other than eat food and drive home for a $100 paycheck. The one thing I could afford though was ‘all you can shoot  pool’ for $5 bucks every Wednesday at Slick Willies in Houston, Texas. And that was where I spent a lot of my time. They also had free pool on Mondays. Even better right!?

Anyway, all that to say, I love to shoot pool and since I am an extrovert who desires connection, I spent a bit of time at one of the local pubs in Gettysburg, dropping balls into pockets. One of those days, I had just gotten back from an appointment with a chiropractor, and they wanted to charge me $5,000 dollars to do a series of adjustments on my back while I was in town. I had messed it up moving some heavy boxes at work and they did some x-rays and gave me some terribly scary diagnosis. Luckily I didn’t commit to anything and I walked out with an ” I’ll think about it” look of bewilderment on my face. I promptly headed to the bar so I could not think about it.

While I was there, I was shooting around, and as serendipity would have it, I ran into Jeremy. We struck up a conversation and started shooting pool together. Eventually we began running the table and taking down every player in the room. It’s really a great way to make friends and get free drinks. As it turned out through conversation, I found out Jeremy was a chiropractor as well. I had just told him about the crazy price that this other Dr. wanted to charge, and Jeremy’s response was “Dude, you’re still in college right? Come by my office and I’ll adjust you for ten bucks every adjustment. Those guys are ripping you off” CRAZY! That pretty much was the beginning of our friendship. The rest is history, but all you need to know is Jeremy is a solid guy, he believes in God and is all about doing good to others. And as time will tell. Jeremy gets even more awesome.


Back to May 3rd then…. So I am driving up to PA and I decide to reach out to Jeremy. I tell him I am gonna be in town and ask if I could crash at his place for a few days to just get situated real quick. Jeremy tells me he doesn’t have a place for me to stay at his house. His extra room is currently occupied by his Gf’s kiddos. Totally cool and understandable. However, Jeremy says I can park my van in the driveway and no worries at all. So my plan is slowly falling into place. At least I can park in a safe place and get a feel for the gig I’ll be working on for the first few days. Maybe I can park my van at the hotel and things will work out, but I wanted to scope it out and feel the vibe first. Well as soon as I got there I realized non of it mattered anyway. Once I got to Jeremy’s place, we hit it off like best friends and it was as if we never even had those three years between the last time we hung out. We picked up right from where we left off, had some great conversations and at some point in the evening Jeremy said “Hey man, you don’t have to park at the hotel, you can leave your van here all summer. If you need electricity there’s an outlet on the side of the house.” BOOM! Just like that, Jeremy answers my prayers. The best part is I don’t even think he realized it. (And Jeremy if you ever read this, I doubt you will, you’re super busy, but thanks so much. You’re a true pal). But yea, problem number one was taken care of. Talk about a stress relief and true reminder that when God opens a door, He doesn’t open it just half way.

Now I did want to maintain some of my independence, and I also wanted to not be an imposition to Jeremy. Or at least, as little of one as I could be. After all, four months is a long time. So even though he offered up that I could use his shower and everything, I politely declined and just accepted the parking spot and the electricity. I knew I could make the van thing work and I wanted to get to a somewhat self sustaining level of independence going. I hooked myself up with a planet fitness card and that is where I took most of my showers. It also gave me a reason to work out. I did offer to pay some rent, but Jeremy refused to take any, so we compromised and I bought him a bottle of Vodka. Which we mostly drank together and talked about life over the next couple of weeks.

So here I am about to start my new job in Pennsylvania, and God shows up and hooks me up with a place to stay. All part of the plan. The only thing I could understand was that sometimes you just have to put one foot in front of the other and step out. And as if that’s not cool enough. God shows up and does something even crazy cooler than the last time!

Here’s a little more framework. It’s my first week of work in PA. My mom e-mails me and says there’s a prophetic speaker that she follows who is going to be speaking at a church in the area on Sunday and that I should go. I look up where the guy is going to be, and it’s five minutes down the road. I grew up in a Christian environment where prophetic people were a normal thing, and I think this could be a cool to hear from God. I haven’t been to church much lately, I’d love to find a place to go while I’m in PA, and it sure would be cool if someone had a prophetic word for me. Maybe I will get one. Well Sunday rolls around. The production crew was going to Six Flags that day, I decided to go to church instead. Not because I think I’m better than anyone, but because I went out the night before with Jeremy and his girlfriend. Along with the fact that I wasn’t trying to spend money on amusement parks, I was trying to pay off credit cards.

So I show up to this church about 15 minutes early, and I’m the only car in the parking lot. I called my mom and said “Who is this guy, the church I’m at is way small. There’s no one here, no way this is correct.” Blah blah blah. She tells me it’s probably a small church and they likely know the guy well or something. Whatever I’ll check it out. I head inside, a couple of cars have pulled in by now, not enough to fill the parking lot though. I make my way to the sanctuary and there are a few people inside. I get introduced to all the members, I’m the youngest one there by about 25 years. That’s okay, I’m used to being in uncomfortable situations. Church eventually starts, 20 minutes past what the sign out front says. In total there are less than 20 adults, and maybe 6 young adults in the room. They start to play worship music. And by play I mean they queued up some songs on a computer and have a projecter with the computer screen pointed at the wall. You can see the girl running the computer on the projection screen. Their version of worship is a quicktime playlist of four songs and four individual powerpoints to go with the songs. By now it’s dawning on me that this church doesn’t have a lot of money. But that’s okay, God shows up because the heart of the people, not the building they’re in.

Once the worship part is over, the pastor introduces his friend Bill Yount who is the prophetic speaker. I’ve never heard of this guy, and I’m sure he definitely has never heard of me. But my mom suggested I go, and I’m curious enough to find out. Bill gives his sermon, and halfway through he stops and starts talking to this woman on the other side of the room. He walks up to her and hits her with this prophetic word. He begins telling her that this problem she is dealing with is not her fault, that God is going to take the burden of it, and that whatever it is, it’s going to work out (for you cynics out there it was more detailed than that, I’m just paraphrasing for brevity). This woman starts breaking down in the middle of his word and begins crying. you can tell that this one really hit home for her. That certainly caught my attention. Up till this point I had enjoyed watching this guy speak. He had great comic timing, and he could really tell a story. I was enjoying being in the room and listening. Then as he is speaking he begins walking through the room and comes up to me. Cue the heart racing. He starts of by saying “Now this brother here, I’ve never had a word like this for someone before. God laid this on my heart during worship….” and I realize he is talking directly to me. No way. I’m trying to process this. God has a prophetic word for me, and this guy who just wrecked this woman five minutes ago now has a word for me? I can’t decide if I should be terrified or excited. But all signs lead to excited. I’ve enver had this happen to me before in front of other people. Through my disbelief I tune back in to the word he has for me. “Super. Cali. Fragile. Istic. Expiallidocious.” he says. HUH???? Mary Poppins????  Where is this going I think to myself. Then he goes harder and he says “I keep hearing God say the word super. You’re super. You’re a superman in God’s kingdom. You’re gonna do supernatural exploits. You’re gonna be used in the hands of God like a firebrand. You’re gonna go places. I see you flying different places. You’ll have a mobile ministry.. You’re just gonna, I hear God saying the word famous somehow. You’re gonna be known far and near.” I interrupt him at this point saying “Don’t Joke about this right now” I know, stupid move on my part, why would I interrupt a man who is speaking a prophetic word as awesome as this just to check and see if he is joking or not? Anyway, he gets back into it saying “God’s gonna open doors that’ve not been opened to even most of His people. You’re gonna have a mobile ministry I sense. There’s a seed that’s bursting forth, taking root downward, bearing fruit upward….”

At this point I’m half crying in disbelief and half trying to remember as much as I can so I can write it in my journal. Those were the two thoughts going on in my head. Man I wish I would have recorded this…..

So here I am going to a church I’ve never been to in my life, hearing this guy speak a prophetic word over me. Part of me was hoping I’d receive a word of encouragement from God that day. And when I thought I would receive a word of encouragement, I thought it would be like “Hey, you’re struggling in life, but God loves you and He’s gonna keep loving you.” I certainly was not prepared for the aforementioned powerhouse statement. Talk about being blown away, does this guy even know I live in a van?  Somebody must have told him I work in television.

After the service I spoke with the Pastor and he asked me for my address so he could send me the audio transcript of the prophetic word I received. SHUT UP, YOU GUYS RECORDED THAT!!!!????? You mean there is real proof that that conversation really happened!?!?!?!?

How soon can I get it!??????

Talk about being blown away. I went home after church, wrote down as much of the word I could remember in my journal and I called my mom. Cause like no way would she believe that really happened. Talk about being on cloud nine for a day. I never felt like God had something so awesome for me in store as I did that day. I had no clue what to do after that. I was just pumped up and wanted to come into agreement with that word.

That’s all I’ll write for now. But not too shabby for my first week in Pennsylvania huh? I knew there was a reason I was supposed to be here. I called my girlfriend to tell her about the word I received. She didn’t come from a similar Christian background so she wasn’t as impressed. Her only response was “I don’t need some pastor to tell me you’re awesome. I already know that.” Best and worst compliment ever.


Don’t worry it gets better. I’ll fill you in tomorrow.




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