Power of Words

Okay, so my last blog I talked about the 7M Gen Camp I went to and filmed. It was super awesome. This post is going to jump around a little bit, but I want to use something I learned at camp as a jumping off point for some of the awesomeness that has been going in the past year for me.

One of the big takeaways from camp was about how the power of words affects our lives. Instead of saying I will try to do this or that, or I want to do this or that, we need to make a firm decision to do it. I will….. For me, one statement might be ‘I WILL post regularly on my blog, or ‘I WILL continue to press in and spend more time with God’. This may seem like a super basic principle, but you’d be surprised how often you here people say I’ll try or I want to. It really is just a subconscious way for you to qualify yourself not to succeed.

Beyond the choices we make of try, want, and will,  we also have a choice to make in the words we speak and believe.

Hearing all this talk about the power of words last week reminded me of something that happened around September of 2015 last year. It was the night of the fourth blood moon, and my mom, myself and her friend had all decided to camp outside for the night and watch the blood moon occur. Biblically speaking the blood moon held some significance, and we had also decided to pray in communion with God. But instead of a normal prayer of “God I want to get out of debt, this that, and the other” we decided to pray a prayer of thanksgiving and declaration. I remember specifically that we were entering the Jewish calendar year of Jubilee, and I had prayed that this year would be a year of Jubilee in my life. Financially and career wise, I would be stepping into a season with God that would be bountiful, joyous, exciting, and a true testimony to the activeness of God.

If there are two moments that stand out to me the most in the past year as turning points, it would be reading The Blessed Life by Robert Morris, and the night we prayed that prayer.

The very next day while I was working on a Hoover Vacuum commercial in the area, I had received a call from a producer who was about to be shooting in Texas for two months for a project. Her friend had recommended me as a Production Assistant and told her that I would be great person to work with. When you work in freelance production the saying goes “You’re only as good as your last job” and basically if people like you you’ll get hired again. If they don’t…..good luck staying employed. I was beyond excited, I had nothing on the books in terms of work for the month and a two month gig meant a steady paycheck and a meal everyday. All I needed was to be in Dallas, Texas and be ready for work within 5 days time. I made some quick phone calls and checked on a few logistics. I would be travelling cross country in a car I wasn’t sure would make it, and I needed to have everything packed as of yesterday. Providentially it turned out one of my best friends from college (Danielle) , lived in Dallas and was only 30 minutes from the job. She said she would gladly let me sleep on her couch for two months and within 48 hours I was at her doorstep luggage in tow.

That was just the first open door. I can’t tell you the amount of joy I had that week once I had secured the job and a place to stay. My goal had been to knock out some major financial setbacks and this truly felt like an answered prayer. Not only would I have a job for two months, but I also had a reason to be back in Texas, my second home 🙂

I was singing at the top of my lungs the whole 18 hour trip down to the southland. I called every person I could to tell them how awesomely God had answered my prayer. It was truly an amazing weekend. The kicker was the show I would be working on was about a Christian comedian, and his gospel singer wife. I can’t say the show specifically ( I signed an NDA agreement), but I was so excited that God had really set this one up. The only person who wasn’t happy about it was my then girlfriend. I’ll talk about that in a future blog, but basically anytime I left, it was a rough patch in our relationship.

ANYWAY, So Texas happened for two months. Not only was it awesome, but I also met another Christian on set and me and him got along so amazingly well. His name was Dawson, he was a PA with me, we suffered through some absolute BS together and I loved him for it. We had some super deep conversations about God, he was a great listener when I had to vent, which was like every single day, and I knew how to make him laugh. Whenever I was having a bad day I knew that I could crack a few jokes and really get Dawson laughing hard, that pretty much would be the highlight of my day seeing how long I could continuously keep him bowled over or crying from laughing so hard.

While I was in Texas, my GF had been wanting to spend time together and I knew I wasn’t doing a good job with the whole long distance relationship thing. The show I was working on was going to be wrapping up in a few weeks so I began working on applying for my next job. This one was a little tricky. A former actor I had worked with on a show contacted me and told me that the News Station he worked at was hiring a production assistant and that if I was interested I could apply and he would put a good word in for me. I figured this would be a good opportunity to land a job in back in my hometown, and that would mean spending more time with my gf. Happy wife happy life right? I applied for the job, flew home for a second interview, eventually landed the gig and started my next job as a Floor Director ( read production Assistant) at the news station. For the most part I thought this was a great opportunity to gain some ground. I would use this as a stepping stone to get to my next place. I felt God had opened up the door. I certainly did not have a background in communications and journalism so I was by no means technically qualified for the job. I really don’t even know how I got the job, because everyone else who had applied probably had much more experience than me. At that time I was excited to land a steady gig, I felt it was an opportunity from God, and I felt I was moving on to the next thing.

That feeling lasted right up until I started my first day of work….


I’ll write my next blog and start off there. This was a huge post and it really ran away from me. Sorry guys, my editing ability is pfffttt. The point of all this though was that we have the power in ourselves to declare life over things.

Proverbs 18:21 – Death and life [are] in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

We have the ability to speak life over one another, ourselves, and our situations. I chose to start the year with a declaration of jubilee and joyous abundance in my life, and I believe God had started answering that prayer. Follow up on the next blog to see how the News Station gig went and what happened next.

Also, thanks for reading.



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