Sacrificial Love.

The beauty of Jesus’ ministry is that we’re called to serve those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We’re called to pour our hearts and our resources into those who can’t pay us back, in the same way that Jesus poured his life for all of us. He gave himself up as a sacrifice for those who couldn’t, and for those who didn’t deserve it. His life and His sacrifice made it possible for us to have a connection with God.

Some of my greatest memories in life have been the direct result of someone else’s sacrifice. Either by their resources, or their time, big or small, the most joyful memories of my life have come as a direct result of other people’s sacrifices. Someone took the time to come along side me and pick me up, someone chose to invest in me, someone chose to spend time with me, someone chose to give something to me that they knew I couldn’t give back. And looking back on those moments I can say that nothing is more life-giving than receiving a gift that you can not pay back.

It touches my heart to look back and realize the amount of sacrifices my parents have made for me. The endless hours of work that my Dad put in so that my Mom could raise our family, and keep the household going, all while instilling a God value into her children. Deep down it breaks my heart knowing that there are dreams my parents have let go off. Dreams that are unrealized because they made sacrifices to support our family.

Sometimes I get upset because they didn’t make it to all my soccer games in high school, or my theater performances over the years.
Sometimes I’m saddened when I see other families that have family dinners regularly and don’t just grab food off the stove whenever they can because everyone is on a different schedule.

But I also look around and see some friends who don’t get to have any of those moments with their parents. Either because the relationship isn’t there, or their parents are no longer with them.

I love my parents and I’m grateful for the sacrifices they’ve made for me. I never want to see the day when I can no longer talk to them because they’re not here. Hopefully that day won’t come anytime soon, but as I think about the holidays and all the family gatherings, my heart breaks for those who don’t have their family with them.

If you have family, enjoy it. Say I love you. Tell them they’re appreciated. And when you think about the sacrifices they’ve made, also remember that God sent his son Jesus to pay an ultimate sacrifice as well. So that we might have something we are very much undeserving of, a life in heaven spent with God experiencing unending joy and peace and fulfillment.

And while were here on earth God has prepared moments here for us to experience similar joy with our families. Wether they’re blood or not, we all have family, and we all have people who’ve made sacrifices for us.

Thank you to all of you who have ever made a sacrifice. Those moments don’t go unnoticed. Those moments where you give of your yourself make the world a better place, and I’m thankful to have experienced some of your sacrificial love.

To all my friends and family,

Thank You and Happy Holida

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